Open Source Unicode Converter

‪‪ as you may know I have some open source activity, and recently publish my first open source project in codeplex.


GNU Logo

GNU Logo

‪Title : Open Source Unicode Converter

‪Publish Date : 09/12/2009

‪Version : 1.0

‪Author : Nasser Hajloo

‪Author Mail :

‪Copyright (c) 2009 Nasser Hajloo.

‪Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;

‪with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled “GNU Free Documentation License”.


‪in our company (where I’m working) we’re using Sql Server Reporting Services as reporting service system. we used SSRS 2005 and then upgrade to SSRS 2008 in this upgrading flow we face some problem and indeed to use unicode, where I get familier with unicode and its amazing features.

‪now 2 years passed and I feel that I should provide a powerfull tools for working with unicode, so I search for existing tool and I found

‪on codeplex, Khmr was so diffrent than I need, and fardis ( that leaded by one of my best friend – Afshar Mohebbi ) just cover persian range of unicode, and also afshar do not spent his time on this project any more (in my oponien), because of this I have create a Unicode converter for international reasons and international users.

Unicode Converter - Unicode Information Section

Unicode Converter - Unicode Information Section

‪Unicode Converter is a Free Open Source Software for converting to/from unicode and also getting information about a character.

‪Unicode Converter developed in C# 3.5 and provide 2 variant user interfaces, one for windows with WPF and one with for Web.

‪WPF interface going to finish but web interface do not start yet, I think about 2 interface because WPF in limited to windows and a reall FOSS software should not depend on a platform so I provide a web interface for all users.

Unicode Converter - Keyboard Layout Section

Unicode Converter - Keyboard Layout Section

‪by the way in this couple of years I face with a huge issue and it was data input in any language, specially in IRAN most of users (i mean even expert users) use from default windows keyboard layout that is not a standard keyboard layout and all persians familier with ‘Yeh’ (ي – ی) and ‘Kaf’ (ك – ک ) and 4 – 5 & 6 and other numbers issue. that Persian Standard Keyboard Layout (IRISI 9147) resolve these problems in best way, so I put a section for Standards Keyboard Layout for all countries in this application when you select your country, all indeeded information about the keyboard layout will display.

‪ofcourse these information are not complete yet and I need your knoweledge to complete this information for all country, all you need to do is just extending Standards.XML in EnterpriseAppUnit project with your new country infromation and I believe that with your help we can made a better software.

Unicode Converter - Convert To Unicode Section

Unicode Converter - Convert To Unicode Section

‪Unicode Converter hosted by Codeplex , and have 4 project inside,

‪EnterpriseAppUnit : is the logic section of the application and provide some xml that contains characters unicode information.

‪Framework : is the base and common project to collaborate with all Projects, it contains exceptions and some other Base classes.

‪Portal : Web Interface of software

‪UnicodeConverter : WPF Windows interface of software

‪so I need your help to extend this project and if you have a little information (just for a country) please help us improve this application.

‪there are many of jobs to do, and you can see all of them in project Issue tracker.

‪any suggestion and help is appreciate.

‪Unicode Converter :

‪Regards Nasser hajloo

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  1. ‭Good Luck with “Unicode Converter”!

  2. thanx for this information

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