What Do You Need To Immigrate to Canada

Usually this Blog Contains Professional Content for Persian Developers, but today I want to show you a way to immigrate to Canada which is provided for Developers and other professionals.


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‪Title : ‪What Do You Need To Immigrate to Canada

‪Publish Date : 02/02/2010

‪Version : 1.0

‪Author : Nasser Hajloo

‪Author Mail :  n.hajloo@gmail.com

‪Copyright (c) 2010 Nasser Hajloo.

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There is many way to immigrate to Canada. I’ll Describe Just One of them which I chosen for myself. For most of Developers and other professionals there is a simple way to immgrate to Canada. Canada let you immigrate as a Skill Worker and the type of visa which you may apply for it called Federal Skilled Worker.  this type of Application is different than Quebec Skill Worker.


Canada Flag

Canada Flag

What is Federal Skill Worker Visa?

Skill Worker Visa let you live, work and study like any native Canadian, With this type of Visa you known as a canadian permanent residence but not as a citizen. So you can do everything you like, studying, working or vice versa.

Who Can Apply For Federal Skill Worker? Citizenship and Immigration Canada website provide a simple slef test which You can check if you are a skill worker or not ? If you pass the test with at least 67 score then you are a skill worker and you can make your decision to apply.

How To Apply as Federal Skill Worker ? Application process is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee! To Apply You have to Download indeed forms and complete them, Citizenship and Immigration Canada website provide all forms and all of  them are free to download. you can Download all forms from CIC .

Application Procees :

There is 4 forms to complete, and if you want to use a representive (this is not a lawyer, just a representive which will follow your application proccess insteadof you, soif you do not wantto hire a representive you can ignore this form and if you want to hire a representive you have to fill this form). There is a Checklist form also, which help you ensure you complete all indeed forms. ( when you mail the forms you have to use this form as cover letter )

Finally you have to complete a free form which known as Fee Form this form provided by CIC and its free, you have to complete this form with your Credit Card Information, and if you live in any country butCanada, you can go to Canada Embassy in your region and give your application fee to them and give a Receipt and attach this receipttoyour application forms.

Canada Map 


Which Form I Have To Complete ?

  •    Application for Permanent Residence in Canada [IMM 0008] 
  •    Schedule 1: Background/Declaration [IMM 0008 SCHEDULE 1] 
  •    Schedule 3: Economic Classes [IMM 0008 SCHEDULE 3]  
  •    Additional Family Information [IMM 5406]  
  •    Fee Payment Form – Application for Permanent Residence – Federal Skilled Worker [IMM 5620] 
  •    Document Checklist [IMM 5612]   (use as cover letter)
  •    Use of a Representative [IMM 5476]  (optional – if use a representive then its necessary)

    How To Complete these forms ? CIC provide a complete Document which guid you through fill this forms. you can find it at this page or Download it from here. In this Introduction Guid you can find out how to complete indeed forms.

    How To Send Application Form? Depend on you residential Country you can send your application in some Canada Embassy. List of these embassy provided by CIC at this page. Note That for whom live in Iran or any where, if you are applying as a Federal Skilled Worker, You Have to Send Your Application to Centralized Office Intakes (CIO) on Sydney, Nova Scotia or Canada. and most important this is that if you send your application form after April 1 2009, you have to send your applicationjust to Canada CIO. this procces may changs at any time so you can see changes at this How To page at CIC.

    How Much I Have to Pay ? For application its just 550$ for a person and 1100$ for two persons (in Canada Dollar). any other cost should paid after application approval.

    After Approval How Much I need to Pay ? If you ignore Medical Tests which you have to take. and any other shipping fees to send application. If you pass all exams (I’d describe below) you only need to pay 490$ per person. and Also You have to open a Bank Account with at least 13700& for two Persons. Complete list of your Bank Account funds mentioned in this Document in CIC website. and also you can find out all of your application Fees in this Page at CIC.

    Short Application Process Description :

    •    You Have to Complete indeed forms (mentioned above).
    •    Complete the Fee Payment Form. (you can go to Canada embassy and paythere).
    •    Send Your Application Form.
    •    If Your application approved, then you will get a File Number and you can check your application process at anytime in CIC WebSite onthis page.
    •    After 3 – 5 years you will call to interview (in another country). if you pass you can go to next step and if you fail you can apply from the first step.
    •    If you acceptd in interview  then you haveto pass the Medical Tests.list of authorised Medican provided by CIC here. note that if you passthe interview, then embassy give you a form to pass some medical tests, and you have totest by only these authorised medican.
    •    Medican Test Result will send to Canada Embassy and you wont aware of medican result.
    •    If you pass the Medican Test then your visa will issueance and you have to go to Canada less than a Year.

    10 Responses to What Do You Need To Immigrate to Canada

    1. Alex says:

      Thanks a lot. it was useful for me.

    2. AfsharM says:

      موفق باشی!

    3. M8SPY says:

      سلام . به لیست پیوند های m8spy.com اضافه شدید . موفق باشید برنامه نویس گرامی …

    4. ناصر says:

      After 3 – 5 years you will call to interview …
      3 – 5 years??

    5. As I heard this process will take as longas 3 – 5 year for entire process.
      but Recently (the day before yesterday) I heard that CIC provide an easier way for Iranin people to immigrate to canada after Iran Predinet Election. So If it be true, this Time will take as long as 1 or 2 years for entire process which its too short time.

    6. Ahmad says:

      عزیزم مجبور بودید به انگلیسی بنویسید؟ برای کی نوشتید؟
      توی هر خط 10 تا غلط دارید.

    7. Dear Ahmad,
      I had to develop my English skills and one of those skills is Writing.
      I know my writing skill is not as well as my reading or speaking but I have to develop my skills.
      This article had to written in english cause each person whom decide to go to canada have to develop his/her english skills and had to read this or other similar article in english.
      Most of people I knew, when try to do something just gesturing and do not try to reach final goal. But actually I should say . I’m not one of those people.

      As I’m sure I have some issue in my writing (specially in this article) so if you can fix these issues, please fix it and mail me the fixed article, I’ll publish it with your name in this blog.

      Thank you, Hajloo

    8. Jamie Lewis says:

      Nice Post & Great Content TY

      Happy Canada Day!

    9. Jamie Lewis says:

      3 to 5 years wow that is awhile

      Do you want to know how to make money online fast?

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