How to install ISIRI 9147 in Windows Seven

This is my lat post in this Persian year (1388) and I want to describe about a solution to install ISIRI 9147 in Windows Seven. Persian Standard Keyboard Layout (ISIRI 9147) cannot be installed in Windows Seven. In This Post We will take a look at this issue and its dependants.


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ISIRI 9147 created by Farsi Web Sharif company and a group of talented Persian engineers in order to Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran‘s (ISIRI) request, to Standardize Persian Keyboard Layout and providing a way to implement ISIRI 6219. I wrote many article about this in Persian, and do not want to describe it in English in this post.

Most of Persian users, using default windows keyboard layout which provided by Microsoft, This keyboard did not implement based on ISIRI 9147, so it’s not a standard keyboard, and you have to change it (it is important but optional and unfortunately most of Persian users do not do this because their not aware of its issues).

Latest Microsoft Windows didn’t use this keyboard layout too, so we have to ignore it and use ISIRI 9147. The bad news is that Farsi Web Sharif (who was the responsible to implement a keyboard layout based on the ISIRI 9147 documentation,) only provides a 32 bit version of this keyboard layout which just works fine with Windows Vista and its father’s family. So it doesn’t work with Windows Seven. The other bad news is that Farsi Web Sharif does not provide a standard keyboard layout based on ISIRI 9147 documentation, and the funniest part of this news is that this documentation provided by Farsi Web Sharif and a group of engineers which works for/in order of Farsi Web Sharif.

So what’s the problem with Farsi Web Sharif provided keyboard Layout? Based on the documentation there is a ZWNJ (Zero With Non Joiner) character with combination of Shift + Space which didn’t implement. I mailed to Farsi Web a few times but I never took an appropriate answer so I completely ignored it.

Luckily, recent Persian developers working a lot, to resolve this issues, Ehsan Akhgari is one of the active developers who works to resolve this issues. At past, he provide a 64 bit version of ISIRI 9147, and also resolve Shift + Space issue in both of them. So his keyboard layout was more standard than Farsi Web one.

After releasing Windows Seven, Ehsan provides another version of ISIRI 9147 in both 32 and 64 bit version which also include Shift + Space (ZWNJ) character.

If you are using Windows Seven or any other Windows operating systems, I strongly suggest you to install Ehsan’s ISIRI 9147 keyboard. To download these layouts you can use following links or take a look at Ehsan Akhgari website and download them, there.

Happy Nowruz (New Persian year)

 Download Itanium 64-bit from Ehsan Akhgari Website

 Download Windows x64 from Ehsan Akhgari Website

 Download WoW64 from Ehsan Akhgari Website

 Download ISIRI 9147 Keyboard layout 32 bit from Ehsan Akhgari Website

 Download Original ISIRI 9147 which provided by Farsi Web Sharif

 Standard Persian Keyboard article written by Ehsan

 Update fo Standard Persian Keyboard article written by Ehsan Akhgari