My Review on Inspiration For You Website

Recently Royal Art Moved in Inspiration For You and as this kind of website is helping persian designer to share their works. I write a review for it. Note that these aremy ideas and may be completly wrong. So if you are not agree with me leave a comment.


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GNU Logo

‪Title : My Review on Inspiration For You Website Pages

‪Publish Date : 03/02/2010

‪Version : 1.0

‪Author : Nasser Hajloo

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‪Copyright (c) 2010 Nasser Hajloo.

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Layout And Design

Page color is amazing and sounds good and I can see a web 2.0 style layout which is so good. But this is not finished here. Designer put every thing in a single page and User confused with page element.

User Does not know whats these element. You know designers put Logos, Business Cards, WebSiteDesigns and Some Art work in a line and seperate them with a unclear title. the worst design mistake is that there is no Hover Box to display the users (mouse over) element. User have to clicks on the Item to see complete illiustration. At this point designer make another mistake and when users hover an item, the hovered Item faded and a Search icon appear in which user understand if he/she like to see the complete illiustration he/she has to click on the box. I’m also defiant with heavy hover animation, which whenever user hovered an Item it appeal. It is beautifull but it is too heavy and slow.

In other hand, as this site is a WordPress Template there is a tableless design which I like it. specially I like Select Category option which displayed in top right side of the page. it is a little slow but it’s good.

Top Menu contains four element which will redirect you to sites pages. I think it was too better if designer put the categories in the menu. and change the menu item place in another order. And I should mentined the Site Logo, I really didn’t like it such a site which acts in collecting logos and other similar graphic design should own an impressive logo, and they missed it.


In the day I’m writing this article most of the site contents does not belong to Persian designers , And the amazing partof story is that this site wants to put Persian Designers Illiustration so it is too bad and I really don’t like it. the illiustrations are so beautifull but it doesn’t mean that those should be in this site.

I also really confused with this vast variety of design in a single site. As I know similar sites they only act in a single area, but Inspiration for You, collect all of them in a single site. I think that it was better which the site manager create four different sites for each one and then a site for managing those. Specially because the site is a WordPress CMS and manager could made them totaly different. I also ask you to don’t compare it with DeviantArt or other similars, you can compare it with LogoMoose or something like it.

Submitting a Work

Submit form desinged very simple and it is good, but designer didn’t use the empty part of the page and I really don’t like it, all designer needs was scratch the textboxes width but he/she didn’t this and the form is very short.

A bad and minus point for submitting works is that, every work gathered in a single form ( Oh what do you say it is good!!!!! ) and this collection for sending works lead to removing any limiation from the form. I mean users not forced to send works in a specific size for logo or for Business Cards, and when we pass a while, we will see a bunch of different design sizes for logos or any other category. It is better to limit the size.

I sent a Logo for this site and an Ajaxable progress appear and put the submit form down which was a shame! Also there was no message which I underestand whats happen to my work!!! submitted or not. Also there was no message which tell me your work needs moderator confirmation or something like it.


I’m really wondered with this usefull site but I’m also don’t like the way those chosen to distribute Iranian Designs. there is Any Portfolio for designers whichI think is the most imporant requirement for such a site. and also there is no rating and awards or clients request for design. I think this site is so far from a complete beneficial Site for Persian Designers. I wish a fast prosper for all of them.

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