What to consider, when decide to leave a company

New Persian Year comes and I’m looking for a new company, so like past, I’m writing a related article. Today I’ll mention considerations of leaving a company, note that this is not about How to take a good job.


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‪Title : What to consider, when decide to leave a company Pages

‪Publish Date : 04/04/2010

‪Version : 1.0

‪Author : Nasser Hadjloo

‪Author Mail : n.hajloo@gmail.com

‪Copyright (c) 2010 Nasser Hadjloo.

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To leave a company you need to do something, some of them are

1-      Close your open tasks. Including Issue tracker and Service Desk tasks.

2-      Tell the Boss about your leaving.

3-      Assign your jobs to your co-workers.

4-      Look for a company which may fit with your abilities.

5-      Introduce a person to do your jobs, if you are totaly sure he/she can does it.

6-      Describing your tasks and indeed How To, to your co-workers or to the new guy how will do your tasks.

7-      Writing indeed Documentation.

8-      Work at new company and your current Company at the same time for a while, to resolve your tasks.

9-      Clear your debits and credits with company financial part.

10-   Make a goodbye party!

Above steps may not order correctly but should be done in a time span. I think the best time span to leave a company is about a month or a month and a half. The key point in these steps is to resolve every single task. This will prevent to back to fix an issue. So if you do not like to back to your old company, resolve or assign every task which assigned to you.

If you are aware of any other steps please let me know.

2 Responses to What to consider, when decide to leave a company

  1. AfsharM says:

    ‪I love the “goodbye party”!

  2. S. R says:

    Haha! first of all you have to find a new job , then try to destroy your position at your current job

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