Visual Studio 2010 New Features

Visual Studio Logo

Visual Studio Logo

As you all know, Visual Studio 2010 released yesterday (April 12). So what’s now? In this post I’ll take a look at new features in VS 2010.


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‪Title : Visual Studio 2010 New Features

‪Publish Date : 13/04/2010

‪Version : 1.0

‪Author : Nasser Hadjloo

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The good point is that Visual Studio (any version) and .net Framework (any version) are separated from each other. It means that you can use an up to date Visual Studio with an old Framework (which this ability added to VS since VS 2008 which named Multi targeting. So if you are not sure to use from .net Framework 4.0, you can easily use VS 2010 with your old framework. For instance in formal form we define a Property like

private string name = string.empty;
public string Name
get { return name;}
set{ name = value;}

But if you used fromVS2008 you can make a Automatic Property like

public string Name {get; set;}

So try to separate Visual Studio IDE from .net framework. VS 2008 has a lot of abilities which I don’t want to mention; in the following we will take a look at VS 2010 new features.

One of the features which I really like is ZOOM ability. This feature let you zoom in/out of the editor, so if you are working on small pieces of code you can zoom in to that part by pressing CTRL key and moving mouse scroll button.

VS 2010 Box

VS 2010 Box

The other interesting ability for VS 2010 is improved Bo Selection. As you may know in VS 2008 you could press the Alt key and then hold mouse left key and then drag an area. With this feature you could make a copy of that part or etc. In VS 2010 this ability improved and you can insert a text on the region or paste a region into another.

We also can use a gorgeous feature which let you understand “how code flows, evaluate the effect and explore possible execution paths by examining complex chain of method calls or other entry points in several levels of code.” VS 2010 new feature page said. Note that this feature only supported for C# and C++.

As you are a developer, it is always a good idea which when you are working with an object, you be aware of other parts of code which is related to you object. In VS 2010 whenever your pointer be on a location every related part of the code will highlight to aware you from other changes to this object.

In some cases whenever you are coding, you may need to use a property or … which is not defined yet, and if you just write the name, interpreter will open the error pane and something else will happen which make you crazy. VS 2010 has a new feature formerly “Generate From Usage” which let you write code and use undefined members! And after you writing that piece of code, you can define them or actually you can generate them.

Visual Studio 2010 Floating Windows

Visual Studio 2010 Floating Windows

There is another improvement for IntelliSence. In VS 2008 or past versions IntelliSence opens a completion Mode for your codes and you could choose which items you like, but for now we have a Suggestion Mode which will highlight the codes which you are writing. It means instead of opening IntelliSence dialog, there is a Highlighted code which suggested by VS 2010. You can easily move between Complition mode and Suggestion Mode by CTRL + ALT + Spacebar.

And one of the greatest features is to support two monitors and by this feature you can dock any pane to anywhere in you monitors.

You can check for any new feature for VS 2010 (IDE, Framework, C#, etc) at this official page. or Visit Visual Studio Official WebSite

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  1. richard says:

    What a really cool blog!

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  3. Boyd Javed says:

    Very good written story. It will be supportive to everyone who usess it, as well as yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – for sure i will check out more posts.

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