How / What To write to / in a About Me Page

About Me

About Me

This week I improved my blog and add some new features to it. At first I sport my blog with a new Theme which I like it more than previous one. I also add a new About ME page to blog in which you can find some information about me on it. At last, there will be some change in new articles. At the past I included GNU License inside of the text (exactly same as official GNU License ask) but since now I won’t include it in the main text any more. You can find it in blog sidebar.

While I spent my time to do these changes, I was looking for a good reference to write a good About ME  page. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good one but some short articles so that in this post I’m going to write about How / What To write to / in a About Me page? Note that this article is suitable for most of peoples but I try to limit the category for the programmers and other IT geeks.

How / What To write to / in a About Me Page?

About Me

About Me

An About Me page should introduce you to a person who never see you before and do not know you at all, so it should be Short and includes enough information about you fro visitors.

It is always a good idea to start with a short bio, and then tell about the reason of your blogging. Then you can write about your job title and your interested subjects in your job or your life.

It is better to describe your abilities in your profession but it is not necessary. I recommend to write about it if you are a professional.

The next step is to write about your free time activities. This help your reader got aware of your daily life and fell more friendship with you.

At the end you can tell about your current jobs and your near future plan. Just Don’t forget to write about you contact information. It is your About ME page and the worst thing is that the readers can’t find your contact info.

Just don’t forget to write short and enough information on About Me page.

You can take a look at my About ME page to see how I write about myself.

2 Responses to How / What To write to / in a About Me Page

  1. Alex says:

    Your weblog is so pell-mell. You can remove some unneeded links.

  2. I’m working on my personal website and you will face with my website ASAP. I think some of the link you can see, can not be removed or relocated because of WordPress limited area panels. By the way if you have some suggestion I thnak you in Advance.

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