Developers Essential Needs

As far as Afshar Mohebbi has started a game in his blog, I think about it and the following text is my opinion about Developers need. The key point is that I remove the salary from the list base on the game. Moreover I have to add this note that the following items doesn’t mean that I am in such kind of situation, I just experience them in one company (for myself) or feel it in the companies that I went to do something and I gathered them here. Just note that these are my ideas and may be differ from yours so that if you are not agree with me share yours with me.



1- Religion: After 5 – 6 years of developing and web designing I think one of the biggest issues in the (Iran) software market is to think about religion.

                Most of employers ask about it and filter developers by their religion. It is more common if the company is a famous one. You have to take care of your boss opinion no matter what. You have to wear, drink, eat, look and program in the way your boss like. I myself know a bunch of software companies which force employees to be in this state that the result is obvious. I have to add this point that even with this idea there are some companies which work well and are integrate in their idea but they are just a few.

2- Trust: most of the employers don’t have enough trust to their developers.



               They always think that their developers are robbers that want to thief their code so that they should limit the developers area by locking the USB and DVD-Rom drives they also limit the speed of internet or use a specific SLA for using the internet, for instance all of the developers node are not connected to internet and there is only one node which is connected to web, or there is a connection but the developer can use only 50MB of bandwidth in a day or blah, blah, blah.

               Moreover the employer may sit behind the developer computer and look at his monitor to check his work! It is totally obvious that with these conditions nobody can work for a long time and the result of this situation should not be good. 

Developer Position

Developer Position

3- Big picture of developer situation in employer mind: whenever a developer starts his/her work in one company, the employer (base on the interview, sample works, or …) create a big picture of him in his mind and after a while which developer work there he/she never change his idea about him/her. If in the first day he/she was a lazy one (but he/she change after some month) employer won’t change his idea about him/her and that’s why developers are fixing in their role in (Iranian) companies.



There are a few company which let you change your position and most of them will fix you for a specific role and after a while they think that you should be a specialist in that area no matter you like or dislike that position.

4- Inflexible contracts: All of the companies (in Iran) force the developer to do something that they never like or they never want to do. They mention it in the contract and the developer always thinks about that thing.

               For example there are lots of small companies which force developer to sign a cheque to get the job. This makes a stressful condition for developer and don’t let him work in good condition.



 5- Bonus: I never faced with an employer which gives bonus for a good or unwanted job. So after a while nobody will work to get a bonus or to satisfy his boss. I was in some situations which I expect for a bonus or an appriciation but all I get was “Who told you doing this? or Why you did something without asking for it” and for myself after a while everything finished and I didn’t try to do something else.

4 Responses to Developers Essential Needs

  1. Many thanks for your participation Nasser.

  2. Majeed Avaj says:

    Great! I do agree with you and there is no difference between your ideas and mine in this case.

  3. sepideh says:

    salam , merc be weblogam sar zadi ..
    agar hamsaret lisanse dare khob behtare ba madrake un eghdam konid , tooye site migration nz register kardid ?? unjaa 3 halat dare , age kheyli emtize khubi biarid , bahatun sarii tamas migiran , agar emtizae lazem ro biarid mirid tooye ye pool , ke bishtar tool mikeshe bahatun tamas begiran , agaram emtiaz nayarid ke fek nakonam aslan beshe ,, ma ke eghdam karidm proce ash 1 sale bood , alan fek konam shode 2.5 sal … movafagh bashid

  4. sepideh says:

    شما اگر از طریقی هرکدومتون اقدام کنید بهتون اجازه کار می دن اینجا. پس هردو می تونید اینجا کار کنید. اینجا کشور ارزونی نیست پس فکر کنم باید جفتی کار کنید … ولی اصلا فرقی نمی کنه کدوم اقدام کنه … کافیه اسم اون نفر دیگه هم توی اپلیکیشن باشه که قاعداتا هست … در مورد مدرکتون نمی دونم چی بهتره اما می دونم هرکدوم اقدام کنید تائید ان زد کیو ای رو می خواهید

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