What is Reporting Services and How to create a server-side Report

SQL Server 2008

As you all know nowadays reporting is one of the important sections of each application, specially official and financial ones. So that there are lots of reporting services which provide some feature for developers to create custom reports. Most of you are aware of some reporting services in each programming language like Crystal Report, Jasper Report and etc. most of these reports create xml document from your custom reports and show it to users with a report viewer which compile the xml and show the result.

In order to creating powerful and robust reports, since 2005 SQL Server provides a Reporting Service which formerly named SSRS or SQL Server Reporting Services. So to use SSRS you have to buy a Developer or Enterprise edition. After installation you’ll have a ‘SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio’ which allows you create Server-side reports.

SSRS 2005 used schema 2005 and SSRS 2008 using schema 2008 for creating server-side reports. I wrote many posts about SSRS before so if you are a fan of this blog, you’re aware of these schemas and differences. Visual Studio has a built-in reporting system which allows you to create client-reports (RDLC) and it use schema 2005 to do its job.

When we use SSRS instead of VS Reports

Client reports which provided by VS are suitable for available data. For example you have a list of users or asset and you want to get a report from it.

Server reports which provided by SQL Server, use for reports which need calculation and in some cases take some minutes to generate, cause data have to generate based on some parameters.

SSRS (schema) 2005 has lots of issues with RTL and Unicode but SSRS 2008 resolve most of them and there are only a few problems that can be neglected.

Upgrading reports from schema 2005 to schema 2008 is a real nightmare that I wrote about it and its solution, but you have to know that it’s not an easy job.

How to create a server side report in SSRS 2008

  • Open Visual Studio
  • Create a new project and choose Business Intelligent Projects from the left pane and then select Report Server Project
  • Give a Name to your project
Creating a Reporting Services Report Project

Creating a Reporting Services Report Project

Your server-side project is ready, now you have toad a new server reports to it to do this

Add a new Item and select Report (note to format of the report, it is RDL)

Now you have an empty report and you can design it with Toolbox items and bind it to your database with Store procedure or via a simple query

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