About Me

Nasser Hadjloo

Nasser Hadjloo

Hi, I’m Nasser Hadjloo and I write this blog to create an archive of my experiences and to help other developers do these jobs in a shorter time.

I started this blog in 2008 but I’m blogging from 2003 here. I spent over five years as a Web Designer/Developer; I’m interested to Unicode, RTL Issues, Internationalization, Localization and Open Source Software.

C#, Asp.NET, SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services, Ajax Control Toolkit and Photoshop are my daily tools to create and design Web Applications. I also attend at MCTS 70-536 and 70-505 courses to improve my skills in .NET, but because of U.S sanction over Iran I couldn’t apply for exams.

I’m always trying to improve my knowledge by reading books and asking questions on forums. Currently I’m using StackOverFlow forum to ask questions and at the past I was using Asp.net Forum.

Usually I’m not free but whenever find a free time I spend my time to complete JIRA translation and completing Unicode Converter. I have open source software which helps you to convert to/from Unicode. You can find Unicode Converter at http://unicode.codeplex.com.

I worked more than 4 years at Faraconesh Corporation and currently looking for a new job, so if you like to work with me you can contact me at n.hajloo@gmail.com.

Feel free to ask about any other information which I missed and you want to know.

Your Sincerely

Nasser Hadjloo

4 Responses to About Me

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  2. Araash says:

    aqa Nase salam arz shod

    tu blogetun hichi naddam ke bahatun tamas begiram in shod ke majur shoda inja vasatun 1 msg bezaram !

    aqa Naser man 1 theme e khareji kharidam ke eykash nemikharidam !!! 1 theme classifieds hastesh. ama motasefane wp-jalali rush aslan nasb nemishe! ta nasb mikonam white page mide ! ham tu admin ham tu khode site ! hichi neshun nemide ! jaleb injas na errori na fohshi chizi ke laaqal adam bedune dardesh chie !

    behar hal man kolle web o zire pa gozashtam hichki komakam nekard yani natunest ! age shoma 1 lotfi konid zahmat bekeshin baham in moshkelo barresi konim JOBRAN mikonam !

    mamnun ke matne sardarde Finglish am ro khundin !

  3. Bea says:

    Very helpful, worked 100%, thanks. Do you use many Microsoft applications? Personally we used MS apps until about 2005 and then moven to Apple. It took a long time to (2 years!) to settle and function to everyone’s needs but now it’s great. Saved hundreds on Software licensing! Thanks, Bea.

  4. مرتضی says:

    Good job man!

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