Iran Software Market

Custom Software

Custom Software

In Iran there are lots of successful and unsuccessful application which developed by software engineering companies, some are well-known and the others just use in some private or governmental companies.

1 –  Custom Software

This is the blood of Iran software companies. All of the Iranian companies were built to create this type of application. E.g.: Accounting, Asset, Inventory and etc. this type of software created exactly for a specific company which is the customer. Software companies take lot money to create one. In usual given money should be enough for all producer costs and that’s why Iranian companies like these software. Actually customer pays for everything (company rent fee, company amortizations, water, manager and staff salaries and etc) so that it is obvious that the result of production wouldn’t be like the one which customer expected. So most of the Custom software are unsuccessful and will order to another company to create a new one.

Project Development Phase

Project Development Phase

I know dozens of companies which produced unsuccessful MIS, ERP, Financial and Official Software. But it doesn’t mean that all of the Iranian companies are ditching the customer and producing buggy software. There are also some well-known companies which produce good software with a mental price.

What do you think about these unsuccessful applications future? Some of them will completely deprecate; some of them will garble and reproduced; but only a few has the chance to reorganize and return to market (customer). These a few applications will have one or two extra year for support which let them resolve the issues and become prosperous software.

On the other hand successful applications will sell to other customers with a little change to fit all of new customer needs.

2 –  Market Software

This type of software produced for all people and usually are low price because Iranian people didn’t spent much money for a software they prefer to buy a good hardware instead of a good software so that the Market software are too buggy and have low quality. Rarely you can find a good one with a suitable price. Most of these appropriate software are old software which made them well-known and that’s why the producer spending more money for that. But note that none of them implemented by new technologies because as I said before those are old software which developing with old platforms.

OutSource Issue

OutSource Issue

3 –  Out Source Software

There are two kind of out source software which categorized based on customer, one of them have abroad customer and the other one has Iranian Customer. The first one is a good example of robust Persian software; there are just a few Iranian software companies which make this kind of application, they usually get the order from an abroad company to produce software. They have professional developers and the result is really comparable to foreign software so that they are really successful and working happily.

But the second one is not always prosperous; it’s depending on the freelancer which gets the project. In Iran freelancers are usually professionals but there are some new guys which exaggerating in their abilities to get the project and the result is not good. Finding a good freelancer in Iran is a hard job because people don’t have trust to each other and put lots of pressure to project manager to give a good feedback. The point is that Iranian out source projects are small and freelancer has to complete it in less than three or six month.

4 –  Unknown Software

This is one of the most interesting types of software in Iran; usually you cannot find any equivalent for it in any other country, but what it means? New software companies are producing software, in the middle of the development they found a customer for it, and then they’ve change the software to fit with customer need. They want to give the software to the customer but customer didn’t need the software anymore so they just give a part of costs which mentioned in contract.

At last the software company has software which is not implemented by their predictions and even never used with customer to garble so the result is a buggy software which they cannot sell it to anyone so they decide to publish it on the market and because of limited experience with free market, they cannot sell a bunch of it in market so even in market, they won’t be prosperous and just give bad feedbacks from customers and in most cases they have to give the customer money back. So what’s happen then? Some of them will get rid of the company and going to work for other companies some of them try to sell it in a new way which is really awesome. And this scenario will continue,