Why WordPress filtered in Iran

Today my blog and those who has a blog in WordPress filtered in Iran (13:25). A while ago, Feedburner was filtered and I was wondering what’s happened?

Filter page consist of two sections, a list of useful links (from the Iran filtering point of view) and a section that tell you about the problem. You can see that

In The Name Of God
In order to Computer fine law
This website/blog has been filtered
Complaint: filter

So as you can see, this text didn’t tell us about the real problem so that I list some related issues for filtering:

  1. WordPress is a foreign service and in order to support Iranian blogging services it has been filtered.
  2. There are lots of adult contents in some wordpress blogs so to filter those blogs, your blog has been filtered too.
  3. There are dozens of political blogs on wordpress and in order to filter those blogs, your blog has been filtered too.
  4. WordPress cannot determine which post is a first-aid and which one is a copy, and in order to support copyright it has been filtered.
  5. WordPress is a good service and that’s why most of Persian bloggers writing on it, so lots of Persian developers who work on blogging companies are dismissaling. So that wordpress filtered to support Persian developers.
  6. Some of wordpress blogs introduced some proxy software which mentioned as a computer fine law.
  7. Almost wordpress blogs are publishing banned contents and all of them didn’t care about computer fine law so that all of them filtered with a long time research and that’s why some of them are not filtered.
  8. There is a mistake and an employee, filtered wordpress by fault and he will punished later. So don’t be worry filter will removed in the next day.
  9. Filtering is not related to Iran current political trivial manners.
  10. WordPress is not the only service which filtered, there are dozens of filtered services so why you are complaining? Don’t you see twitter, facebook, feedburner, images.bing, myspace, linkedin, friendfeed and etc. WordPress is only a drop in the sea.
  11. WordPress belongs to Satan and filtering is a must.
  12. There are some mistakes in filtering calculations and filter will remove as soon as possible. Some researches show that it will be available on august.
  13. Iran didn’t filter wordpress, those filter wordpress by them self, don’t you see Google code, Sourceforge, Sun, and etc.

What do you think?